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Guests at The Whitebrook can join Chef Chris Harrod and expert forager Henry Ashby on a unique trip out into the countryside in search of produce which they may find beautifully woven into a dish on the menu at the restaurant later that day.

There isn’t much Henry Ashby doesn’t know about wild food in Britain. He has been foraging for over 50 years and was taught by his grandfathers in Yorkshire where he foraged the rivers and hedgerows and learnt all about mushrooms. He spent time shrimping and collecting seaweed, cockles and sea spinach in the Scilly Isles before ending up in Wales where he supplies some of the region’s best restaurants.

You can hear Chris and Henry in conversation with Fiona Glover from the BBC radio 4 'Listening Project - A Forest on a Plate' talking about cooking with foraged ingredients and the joy of foraging from the forest or even the car park can bring.

Priced at £50 per person, the foraging trips will take place in the afternoon and are open to any guest staying and dining at The Whitebrook. The experience, which must be booked in advance, is open to small groups of two to eight and will last up to three hours.

What about a gift with a difference? - Foraging expedition and rural retreat gift vouchers now available starting at £50. Contact the restaurant for more details (01600 860254 / or email).

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